The Clean Air Club is a planetary grouping consisting of Yooj, Bavoom, and Brabbit.

Grouping DataEdit

The theme of the Clean Air Club seems to be the shared emphasis on air and gases, hence the abundance of Air Meteos on all three of them. They serve as the top grouping for the three groupings in the fifth section of Star Trip's Multi mode. The mission of this grouping is to "Launch 75 Meteos at once!" Successfully completing this task allows the player to choose to go to the Rare Cultures if the mission is completed successfully, or the player may choose to go to (or is forced to if the mission is failed) the Illusionists.



Most of the strategy of this grouping deals with facing Brabbit. Being one of the heaviest hitters in the game, capable of shaking off even the biggest attacks with ease, and getting increasingly lethal with every difficulty level, it can seem impossible to face this planet. In most cases, you should deal with Bavoom, then Yooj, then Brabbit, provided Yooj hasn't destroyed itself yet. The launch goal is quite easy to meet no matter what planet you use, so worry about your opponents more than the mission. Note that the goal is easier to meet on higher difficulties, where your opponents send more Meteos at once.

As YoojEdit

With Yooj, you can:

  1. Speeder yourself out.
  2. Select "Continue."
  3. Hope you don't have to use Yooj again.
  4. Repeat until you aren't using Yooj.

Yooj simply cannot hold up against Bavoom and Brabbit in this situation, to the point where it is likely to be the first planet down no matter what. While it is wholly possible to win, and even launch the 75 Meteos, you are better off just starting over at this point. If you're determined to use Yooj, pace yourself and your Screen Clears. Try to launch when you are hit with an attack so you are shaken as little as possible. In the end, winning with Yooj requires near perfect play on higher difficulties, where even that might not save you.

As BavoomEdit

Bavoom is a bit tricky to use in this situation, though it stands a good chance. Play Bavoom like you usually would; create a wide stack, hold the Speeder down, and repeat over the course of several ignitions to get as many Meteos onto your opponents' screens as possible.

As BrabbitEdit

Being Brabbit, you can make quick work of this scenario. Use the regular Brabbit strategy of "shield and bury opponents" to pick off Yooj and Bavoom, then focus on the other Brabbit. Then, constantly send medium-to-large amounts of Burnt Meteos to Brabbit, which will eventually force it to make a mistake and undergo Annihilation, where you can continue on to Rare Cultures.