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Original description - "Yes, that's really how it's spelled--with an equal sign. I don't know if its pronounced "Luna Luna" or "Luna Equals Luna," however. As the name implies, Luna=Luna consists of two roughly equally sized heavenly bodies, both resembling Earth's Moon. They're locked in orbit around each other and are inhabited by a small population of people who wear rocket helmets. These guys like to challenge each other on who can hop between the two worlds.

The physics of their spin in the background is way off, however. Unless the one in the middle is much much heavier than the one spinning around, their barycenter should be somewhere between the two orbs, not in the middle of the slightly larger one. For an example, Pluto's moon, Charon, is about half of Pluto's size, so while Charon is technically orbiting around Pluto, Pluto actually shifts around considerably too. The game describes Luna=Luna as orbiting each other "like lovers dancing a waltz," so it's not right that this game animates them as one orbiting while the other stays in place.

Anyway, about this planet's effects on the Meteos: Gravity on the Moon is very light compared to Earth's, so things move kind of slowly on Luna=Luna. It's sometimes difficult to figure out how far up the Meteos will go, since they go up at a constant speed and don't slow down until they're near the apex of the leap. The light gravity also affects the Meteos in that they launch up pretty high. This means they spend quite some time before landing back down, allowing for massive chains. Chances are anybody of any level of eperience can do a Screen Clear on Luna=Luna. It seems made for it. It also has Armageddon as its Planet Impact. I think that makes five in a row now. What balances out Luna=Luna and makes it not broken, however, is the rate of Meteos coming down. They come down normally at first, but after a minute or so, they pile up in Luna=Luna FAST. You'll find yourself with filled columns if you take too long to defeat your opponent.

With Luna=Luna out of the way, the Metamo Ark continues on its way towards Planet Meteo, which has continued to spew out these planet-destroying blocks to any civilization in its path, or anywhere near it. The next victim to befall the Meteos is Bavoom. It's a planet covered in windstorms, so much so that you can't even see the planet itself--just its fast-moving atmosphere."

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