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Original Description; Closing in on Planet Meteo, the Metamo Ark comes across a curious planet it never saw before--and until Meteos Wars, you've never seen before either. It's Limotube, a planet introduced in this game. The inhabitants of Limotube are tiny bouncy squishy pink pigs, 15 centimeters (6 inches) tall. They're also notable in that they're the only species in the game portrayed with two easily you can see them here is something I don't know. Warm sunshine comes down at all times on this planet, and the Limotubians are playful and happy. We've got trouble in paradise here, though, since they're now infected with Meteos.

I suppose because they've always lived a life of comfort and joy, they have a hard time fending off the Meteos. The fact that they figured out Meteo ignition is pretty interesting. Their difficulty in dealing with catastrophes like these seems to be represented in Limotube being one of the hardest planets to work with yet: Meteos go up real fast, then go down real fast. That's the biggest thing you need to know about Limotube. Since they spend a great deal of time on the ground though, burnt Meteos take a VERY long time to restore themselves. I believe it's the longest burnout time of any planet in this game. This can be a double-edged sword: The game gives you plenty of time to find more Meteos to chain, but if you overdo it with the chaining without getting a sufficient amount of Meteos off the ground, you'll end up stuck with a whole lot of unusable blocks sitting there.

Limotube's Planet Impact is Armageddon. It's pretty weird to see a peaceful and laid-back civilization like Limotube carry weapons of mass destruction like this, but hey, this game was never meant to be taken seriously.

The next planet, as usual, is Unknown. Want to know what this will be like?

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