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A video of Geolyte from Meteos Wars.

Original description; "Here it is again, the basic planet with average stats in everything and designed to be the easiest one to use. Of course, the difficulty here lies not in ease of use of the planet. By the time you decide to take on Mission Mode on Hard, the game expects you to have become familiar with every planet, so the main difference is an increase in the AI. The video featuring Geolyte and a detailed description of it is right here:

I lost once on Geolyte. It was such a close one too...One thing you might not have realized, by the way, is that as the match goes on, the time for burnt Meteos to restore themselves for for a filled column to result in a loss shortens. I guess it's a way of preventing an early mistake from messing you up too much, but the game would then apply increasing levels of pressure to you.

The second time, you get to see the dirty tricks the game does with bombs. They only appear occasionally, and one at a time, unless of course you're playing Mission Mode on Hard, when the game will just throw stuff at you if it finds you're doing too well. They're kind of like Blue Shells in Mario Kart in that sense. You'll also see that I win through attrition, not through offense. That's because, as mentioned in the previous rounds, the computer player goes into a sort of panic mode when a column is filled up and will now play at a super-fast speed. The only way to make the comptuer player at this difficulty lose from filled columns is to set it up in such a way that it has absolutely no options--which is impossible to do deliberately as the garbage block shapes, where Planet Impacts hit, and the layout of Meteos by color are random and usually in favor of the computer player.

I was stuck in some pretty tight spots, but I managed to pull through by letting the time run out and surviving until then. It looks pretty unusual to see the computer player score above 100,000 poitns, doesn't it?"

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