The H2O Planetaries is a planetary grouping consisting of Geolyte and Oleana.


Grouping DataEdit

The theme of the H2O Planetaries seems to be based on both planets being ocean worlds where H2O (water) exists, boasting a large amount of H2O Meteos. The H2O Planetaries serve as the first planets fought in the Multi mode of Star Trip. The mission of this grouping is "Win within 2:30," which will let the player go to the Chlorophylls if the mission is completed successfully, the other choice which is present if the mission is completed or not being the Molten Hellions.


As GeolyteEdit

Among the easiest missions and groupings in the Multi route, you don't need much of a strategy for this fight. Since Geolyte is overall faster and heavier hitting than Oleana, you have nothing to worry about, so long as you are capable of fighting on the selected difficulty. If needed, target one planet at a time until it is destroyed.

As OleanaEdit

The strategy - albeit lack thereof - is mostly the same here. However, since Oleana is a bit slower, some more agency will be required to meet the time limit. Nothing particularly special.