The Herb Meteos are generally green-colored Meteos representative of plant life, most often found on planets teeming with flora. It is the fourth least common Meteo type in Meteos.

List of Planets Featuring Herb Meteos (Meteos (DS))Edit

Please keep in mind that while a planet not on this list will not naturally have Herb Meteos drop,
they can still be placed via another planet launching them as Burnt Meteos at them.

( AnasazeHerb FreazeHerb Forte-GravitasHerb Firim-HevendorHerb Grannest-HottedHerb The designs not shown above, for Anasaze, Freaze, Forte, Gravitas, Firim, Hevendor, Grannest, and Hotted.)


Zap Meteos are used in the following recipes:



Sound SetsEdit