The Hot & Chillies are a planetary grouping consisting of Dawndus and Freaze.


Grouping DataEdit

The theme of the Hot & Chillies seems to be that the two planets it is comprised of are elemental opposites, Dawndus being at least somewhat Fire-themed, while Freaze is ice-themed and attracts mostly H20 Meteos. They serve as the middle grouping for the fifth set of planetary groupings of Star Trip's Multi mode. Notably, they are the last chance to gain access to the True Meteo grouping, as the Hevendor Realm can only be accessed from the Rare Cultures. The mission of this grouping is "Launch 50 Meteos at once!," which will let the player go to the Rare Cultures if the mission is completed successfully, or the player may choose to go to (or is forced to if the mission is failed) the Twin Moons.

Strategies Edit

General Edit

The general strategy here (on either planet) is to wait on the ignition before a potential screen clearing match is made, gathering Meteos and not waiting too long before launching the stack. Dawndus has an easier time with this when compared to Freaze due to several inherent advantages. It has an extra column, slower and easier launches, and a longer time for burnt Meteos to revert. If you are using Freaze, you'll want to wait for a bit after you make the fourth or fifth ignition.