The Mechatropoloids are a planetary grouping consisting of Grannest and Megadom.


Grouping DataEdit

The Mechatropoloids share an abundance of Iron Meteos, suggesting a thriving industrial society on both planets. They serve as the middle grouping for the third set of planetary groupings of Star Trip's Multi mode. The mission of this grouping is "Clear the screen of Meteos!" Completing this mission successfully will let the player go to the Dimensionals if they choose to, or the player may choose to go to (or is forced to if the mission is failed) the Bubblies.

Strategies Edit

As Grannest Edit

Grannest's consistent launches may be troublesome, but it only means that you have to be more aggressive in your ignitions if you want to complete the mission at hand. As always, gather a screen-wide stack and try to make a vertical ignition near the top if possible.

As Megadom Edit

Contrary to what the mission may lead you to believe, Megadom is not competent with clearing any screen of Meteos. Its launches get weaker over the ignition chain, which will force you to be as resourceful as necessary to create a screen-wide stack. Usually, this can be done with two ignitions of 5, the second ignition being a part of a Step Jump. From here, you will need to find a vertical ignition and hope that the AI aren't sending their Meteos at you.

Trivia Edit

  • Megadom's launching scheme make a screen clear more difficult than usual, incidentally contradicting the mission.