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A new Wiki to document everything we can about Meteos in a more orderly fashion, and to attempt to fill in the gaps! If you wish to contribute to this Wiki or want to learn more about it, it is highly suggested you read the Basic Etiquette.

Notices & Links

As of November 26th, no more fan planets will be allowed on Metamo Ark Wiki.

We are instead opting to move them to a new address so they may continue to be made without being mixed with the canon materials;

the Metamo Archive Discovery Branch.

For now, you do not need to move anything as there are still a few things that we need to set up, but we wish for you to take this as a warning. Once the wiki is ready to accept incoming fanplanets, we will begin the move of them to the Discovery Branch. Again, until this is done, we will not be accepting new fanplanets. You are free to continue working on your own here, but do not post them until this is finished.

We'll be sure to update you on the situation as time goes by.

--- Wiki Chat is now on Discord! Though the classic wiki chat will still be available, you can stop by our Discord server here;
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Fan Creations

Please visit our sister wiki Metamo Archives Discovery Branch to see our users' creations!

For archived interactions, please see the Archived Interaction Guide.
For creating fan planets or races, turn to the Fanon Planet Creation Guide.

A Foreword from the High Archiver

Greetings, alien from somewhere in the stars.

I am the High Archiver of the Metamo Archives. My sole mission is to document the things I have seen and encountered in my travels throughout the galaxy and beyond. You are standing here in the Metamo Archives, a space station designed to travel amongst stars and planets, to observe them and study the life there if present.

After the Meteo Attack and the following Meteo Wars, peace has finally (mostly) arrived in this part of the galaxy, and we are able to coexist and record each others' histories, their cultures, their planet. There are many planets in this local section of the galaxy alone, and my crew and I have traveled amongst as many as we can and will keep doing so. There is so much to record, but we have all the time in the universe to do so.

Let this archive stand as a point of remembrance throughout the galaxy, for every planet and their races that we have listened to the experiences and history of. And perhaps, you dear reader, may have something to contribute?

~The High Archiver~

What Needs Doing

• Research more about Stadium.
• General wiki cleanup and growing.
• Finish writing the Archived Planet Pages.
• Get images for the Archived Planet Pages (native art, landscapes, so on.)

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