The Meteo Flick is a technique in MeteosMeteos Wars, and presumably Meteos Online.



The Meteo Flick.

The Meteo Flick is a simple technique that, upon execution, will propel a single Meteo on the top of the stack into the air. It can be performed by either...
  1. Selecting a Meteo and sliding up on it with the stylus, as shown. (Meteos (DS))
  2. Highlighting the Meteo with the lower section of the cursor and trying to swap it with the upper section. (Meteos (DS))
  3. Selecting the Meteo with the cursor and tilting the right Analog Stick upward. (Meteos Wars)

This will launch the selected Meteo into the air at a variable distance and speed, depending on what planet is being used. It cannot be used at the top of a floating or grounded stack, and the flicked Meteo will not leave the screen, even if it hits the top of it.

Though this technique is usually discovered in panicked scribbling (or Analog Stick flailing) by complete accident, and is completely worthless to know on some planets (especially Gravitas and Hevendor), it does have some, though very situational, uses to it.

Launch Into StackEdit

Probably the most practical use, the Meteo Flick can be used to launch a Meteo you left behind into an above stack. This can be used to either save a screen clear, or, more importantly, create an ignition with two or more Meteos on the very bottom of the stack.

Interestingly, successfully launching a Meteo into a stack in Meteos (DS) will usually "kick" the stack upward a square, which can be used to give the player a little more time to think, or to get the rest of the waiting Meteos into the floating stack.

Flick DestructionEdit

A near pointless, though nevertheless incredibly skillful and lucky, use of this technique can also be to flick a Meteo into a falling one of an identical type (such as a Zoo Meteo being launched into another, falling Zoo Meteo). Though this technique has no use whatsoever, it can be used to gain a quick 400 points, but even then there are easier, more efficient ways to earn the points; a simple four Meteo igntion will earn you the same amount of points and will help get Meteos off the screen.