Meteos: Disney Magic is the third entry in the Meteos series, released for the Nintendo DS. It is a spin-off that features the game mechanics of Meteos while including characters and settings from various Disney/Pixar franchises.

Gameplay Edit

Meteos: Disney Magic retains the core gameplay of its predecessor: blocks fall from the top of the screen, and when three or more of the same block are aligned, they ignite and are launched upwards with varying force and speed depending on the stage being played. Unlike Meteos, Meteos: Disney Magic is played with the Nintendo DS system held horizontally.

The game is divided into three single-player modes:

  • Story Mode features a predetermined set of missions in which the player must complete to progress. Upon completion, the player will receive a bronze, silver or gold medal for that mission depending on whether the player scored high enough. Playing a mission with a specific stage is the only way to unlock it for use outside of Story Mode.
  • Challenge Mode is an all-encompassing mode where the player can choose an objective to play on any unlocked stage. These objectives include: Simple Mode, to play for as long as possible while scoring as high as possible; Time Attack, to launch 300/500/1000 blocks as fast as possible; and Score Attack, to obtain the highest score within 3/5/10 minutes.
  • Versus CPU allows the player to play a match against 1-3 CPU opponents in either Survival Mode, in which each player as a set number of lives or Time Mode, where everyone plays for a set amount of time. Unlike Meteos' Simple Mode, the range of match customization in this mode is very limited, and CPU opponents can only play the same stage as the player.
  • The multiplayer mode allows up to 4 players with the game to connect, or allow players without the game to connect using DS Download Play. The available rule sets are the same as those in Versus CPU.

Features Edit

Meteos: Disney Magic includes 17 stages divided across 9 "storybooks", each storybook representing a Disney/Pixar franchise. Each stage features a scene on the screen opposite to the touchscreen that changes based on how the player is performing.

Storybooks Edit

Winnie the Pooh

  • Heffadreams
  • Bee Buzz

Lilo & Stitch

  • Experiment Gone Mad
  • Surf Lessons

The Lion King

  • Prideland Invasion
  • Rising Waters

Toy Story

  • Box It Up
  • Alien Crane

The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Dice Crush
  • Special Delivery

The Little Mermaid

  • Sinking Storm
  • Trident Assault


  • Scores of Chores
  • Princess Transformation

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Broadsides Battle
  • Attack From the Deep

Mickey Mouse

  • Fantastic Fireworks

Trivia Edit