Meteos Mobile was the second Meteos game released for mobile phones in Japan, though it is unknown at this time which game it is in the series.


Gameplay was presumably identical to most other Meteos games; the player would slide the titular Meteos up and down on the screen. When three Meteos aligned, they would ignite and launch upwards, carrying any Meteos above the ignition with them.

Matches could consist of a one player match against up to three CPUs. or a one on one match against another player using Bluetooth connection.

This game also introduced a peculiar planet, appearing to be named "Stadium" that was based on the sport of football, or soccer in the United States, along with alternate native designs for FloriasLastar and Firim, though these changes are currently being looked into.


Due to the Japanese origin of this game, this section is incomplete.

As noted above, Meteos Mobile featured local multiplayer against CPUs, or one-on-one matches over Bluetooth.

Meteos Mobile retains only a few of the planets introduced in the original, though it did introduce, as noted above, a new planet.

Meteos Mobile also featured a "gacha" mechanic, allowing players to roll one of three machines for a chance at new items, and could trade unwanted items with other players.

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