Meteos Online was the second game in the Meteos franchise, being released only in Japan in 2006. It was shut down in October 2007.


Following the gameplay of its predecessor, Meteos Online plays the same way, by moving the Meteos that fall onto the screen up and down within their column, attempting to line up three or more of the same kind of Meteo to make it launch off of the planet. Due to the platform the game was on, the ability to move Meteos with a stylus was mostly unavailable, so the default way to play would be to move them with the keyboard. The focus of Meteos Online was, as the title suggested, online multiplayer gameplay. A user could create a sort of human avatar as well.

Controls Edit

Keyboard Keys Function
Arrow Keys Move cursor
Space Selects a Meteos block

Deselects a Meteos block

T Activate the Speeder
WASD Keys Move Meteos blocks to the end of that row/column
Tab Switches target planet
F1 ~ F5 Use an Item
Q or E Switch the "Attack pattern" of Meteos blocks

(Left and Right respectively)

L Activate/Deactivate Live Mode
O Change Live Mode options
0 ~ 9 keys Sends a short premade message
Enter Opens / Closes In-Game chat


Due to the Japanese origin of this game, this section is incomplete.

Meteos Online does not retain every planet introduced in its parent game, but introduces four new planets, as well as variations of a few planets.

The game boasted an increased focus on multiplayer, introducing matches of up to six players, as opposed to the up-to-four that was present in Meteos for DS.

Planets IntroducedEdit

Returning PlanetsEdit