Geolyte Poison

Poison is a Meteo Type exclusive to Meteos Online, being represented as either a bubbling vial or a skull. They tend to be anything from a dark lavender to a vibrant pink. Unlike all other normal Meteo Types, however, they, not only do not seem to have a specific theme, but also are the rarest normal type, appearing only on a few planets, and even then in trace amounts only.

List of Planets Featuring Poison Meteos (Meteos Online only)Edit

Fusion (Meteos Online only)Edit



  • Poison, as a Meteo Type, is so rare that it may be even harder to come by than most Rare Meteos, specifically Soul and Time, for Poison Meteos only appear in trace amounts on four planets. The only rarer Meteo Type is Chi, which only ever appears rarely on Hevendor.
  • Poison seems to have been replaced by Dust in Meteos Wars, for not only do Poison Meteos not appear, but also, on the Gambit Meteos design, Dust's symbol is a bubbling vial, just like with Poison Meteos.