Meteos Rates

Air-meteos-gauge    45%

Fire-meteos-gauge    75%

Iron-meteos-gauge    45%

Zap-meteos-gauge    75%

Soil-meteos-gauge    25%

"毎日、この惑星の多くのスタジアムには常にサッカーの試合があります。 元の建築家はいなくなっています" ("Every day, there are always soccer games in many stadiums on this planet. The original architect is gone.")
Meteos Mobile Planet Description.

Stadium is a strange planet featured only in Meteos Mobile

Planetary DataEdit

Stadium is a planet appearing like a green soccer ball, or football, measuring 185,000 kilometers across. As the name suggests, it is, indeed, a stadium.

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The inhabitants of Stadium appear a bit fishlike, having reddish hair, a beige face, and two big black eyes. They appear as wearing a blue sports jersey and puffy white shorts, and are always accompained by a small white ball. There are exactly 40,728 of them.

Further information currently being looked into.

Meteos Mobile DataEdit


Stadium Gameplay, from Meteos Mobile

Stadium made its only appearance in Meteos Mobile as a downloadable planet. It was created to promote the World Cup, and was only available to download for a short period of time. After that, the planet was permanently inaccessible, only usable by those who downloaded it.

According to its info page, Stadium appears to have an equal majority of of Fire and Zap Meteos, with a slightly lower amount of Iron and Air Meteos, and less common Soil Meteos. How its physics worked in Mobile is not known at this time.


The design of the known Meteos on Stadium.



  • Stadium's native is the only native to use more than three colors in its pallete.
    • Stadium's native as a whole looks out of place amongst the others natives, appearing more like a drawn figure than a 2-D polygon whose colors all touch, while all other natives have different colors displayed as separate parts (besides Globin).