Onlookers may remark this planet's bizarre shape. Unknown aliens have been spotted here, but they're shrouded in mystery.
Meteos Wars Planet Description
Meteos Wars - Unknown Gameplay (Cut Planet)

Meteos Wars - Unknown Gameplay (Cut Planet)

Unknown is a planet introduced in Meteos Wars.

Planetary Data Edit

Unknown is a perfectly spherical grey planet with a question mark etched into it. It is of unknown size.

Inhabitants Edit

The Unknown are a bizarre race of deep aqua creatures, with small bodies and large, curly heads, not unlike a question mark. If someone adds them into the game via an emulator, it is shown that they move like birds, with the head bobbing akin to a parrot when ignitions occur, and the ruffle of feathers in their question mark head when in danger. Nothing else is known about these elusive creatures.

Meteos Wars Data Edit

Unknown is not actually an unlockable planet that can be played through legitimate means; it is mainly used as a placeholder for the fifth planet in Mission Mode. Once all the planets are unlocked, it no longer appears anywhere outside the Planet Profiles menu.

Hacking into the game shows that Unknown has the same Meteos frequency and column count as Geolyte; its gravity being similar to Lumious as well, except it has a longer decay time for burnt Meteos. The planet also had unused native animations and an unused gameplay model, as well. The music for Unknown is not an unknown theme but the music is from the Local VS. mode, it also has the Victory and Lose themes that do not belong from other planets of the main game, but from Unknown's unused files. Note that the Metamo Archive does not encourage the hacking of games or consoles; we hold no responsibility for any damages that occur if you attempt to hack Unknown in. Do so at your own peril.


  • Unknown is the last planet in the Planets list in Meteos Wars.
  • Unknown was possibly meant to be playable at one point. Within the game's files contains unused animations, gravity properties, and a fully modeled planet for Unknown which remain unused in-game.