Greetings, reader. Welcome to the Metamo Archives. This is a special document written by the Head of the Archives and his associates as a guide to the wide variety of alien races found throughout our area of the galaxy. It details the general measurements of each race (with variables, most races aren't each one and the same for each member), their attributes, temperaments (again, not every member is the exact same, there will be differences), and other tidbits to serve as a synopsis for their culture. It also includes new races never seen before until just recently, with more being added every now and again.

Nbg01 geolite GeolytesEdit

Standing at 90 cm, the Geolytes are an average size in comparison to the wildly varying races inhabiting the galaxy. Normally a deep sky blue, they tend not to vary much in color. They possess the standard body type: two legs, two arms, an upright posture, and a head on top. Their heads sport two horn-like structures on the sides, and they are capable of moving these structures to some degree, mostly dependant upon their moods. Geolytes are found in two sexes, male and female.

Seen as the average jack of all trades, the Geolytes have found themselves to be a generally easygoing race. Their civilization is ran by a council formed by representatives of each main continent, with a special elected member representing their planet in galactic affairs. Geolytian culture is variable, with various small fragment cultures in place, but thankfully generally peaceful with each other. The general belief amounts to "while all our races may be radically different in appearance, temperament, and such, we can all coexist in peace as long as we strive for it." Their history is fraught with long periods of peace, with little war.

Nbg04 firem FirimesEdit

Nbg03 oreana OleaneansEdit

Nbg02 anasaze AnasazeansEdit

Nbg07 grannest Grannestian RobotsEdit

Nbg10 megadome MegadomersEdit

Nbg13 layerzero LayazeroesEdit

Nbg26 florias FloriasiansEdit

Nbg05 freezam FreazersEdit

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Nbg08 heavensdoor The Seven SagesEdit

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Nbg09 dawnous DawndusiansEdit

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Nbg24 rustal LastaralsEdit

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Nbg12 gigantgash GigagushersEdit

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Nbg15 faulte FortersEdit

Nbg20 lunaluna Luna=LunariansEdit

Nbg25 arnima GlobinitesEdit

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Nbg32 lumios LumiousiansEdit

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